Goodbye 2018

The end of the year can be a frightening thing. As much as I love new beginnings, there is something about letting go of the past year and starting a new one that can be unsettling. I think it’s the unknown. The expectations we put on ourselves to “have the best year ever”. The pressure to do more, to be more. While bettering ourselves is never a bad thing, I think we should also allow ourselves some grace. Maybe our resolutions don’t begin at the stroke of midnight. Side note, who really does that? I’m not a resolution maker anyway, but still, give a girl a minute so I can do nothing but eat Chrissy Teigen meals and binge watch Friends on Netflix for the first 3 days of January. Seriously though, I think this January I’m going to use the time to hibernate. I am committing to downtime. To me time. I’m going to use this time to organize my house and my life. To cook more. To work less. To sleep in (well, not really but that sounds like a fantastic idea). To be more present.

Ok, it’s a plan. It’s a promise I’m making to myself, so it’s one I refuse to break.

2018, you were very good to me. You were good to my family. And for that, I am eternally thankful.

Kelley BedolotoComment