Organizing Larger Spaces

For me, this means our pantry. This is my absolute favorite room in our home. When we were in the planning process of building our home, I said I wanted a huge pantry. One that when I walked into it, would be like walking into a store. Thankfully my husband didn’t argue with my dream. God love him.

One of the great things about having a pantry this size is all the space, obviously. One of the downfalls is that it can easily become a disarray. It becomes a catch-all, especially when we have company. Now, to an outsider (or my husband) it looks like it’s already organized. To me, far from it. But instead of taking the refrigerator approach (that’s an entirely different post topic), this has to be organized in stages. Here are the ways I stay sane while organizing a large space:

  1. Know that it’s going to get worse before it gets better!

  2. Remove anything that doesn’t belong in that space. If possible put those items in their appropriate place.

  3. Don’t store items in other items you use often. I.e. don’t put extra napkins in a basket you frequently use.

  4. Do not pull everything out! Again, this isn’t the refrigerator method. You’re just going to cause a bigger mess and inevitably lose your mind.

  5. Have the rest of your house already tidy. If not, this project will seem even more overwhelming.

  6. Organize within the space so you don’t destroy the entire house. With larger spaces you have the luxury of using that space to work in. Try to keep it all contained to that area or at least close by.

  7. Play music. This isn’t going to make the project easier, but it sure helps!

Kelley BedolotoComment